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Wagering Place Bets

If you are clueless about what craps is, just know it is an online game with a big number of bets. A good craps player masters the skill of deciding on the bets to wager on as well as the ones to leave. The place bet is more popular.

The point numbers in this game are: 4, 5,6,8,9 and 10. In place bets, the player usually wagers that a point number that is specified will actually be rolled before a 7. A player chooses between 3 options when wagering. The first is wagering on payoffs given. This is the most straightforward option. The payoffs in this case are intentionally meant not to correspond to mathematically correct odds. The reason for this is that the online casino runs on a house edge to recover costs and make profits.

Option two has mathematically correct odds offered to the player but casino costs are recovered from the 5% commission charged to the player.

In the third option, the player can choose not to wager on this specific bet completely.

The payoffs and mathematically correct odds given are the same if one wagers on a place bet of 4 and 10. The reason for this is the symmetry involved. Likewise, correct odds and payoffs are similar for both 5 and 9. This also applies to 6 and 8. With this knowledge, it is not important to do an analysis of each of the six bets separately. They can however be looked at in 3 sets of two numbers.

If you feel lucky and rearing to try out a game of craps in an online casino, well go for it. Online casinos have their own disadvantages over brick and mortar ones and who knows, you could make a fortune and have fun at the same time!