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Online Poker Scandals

Because of the security technology incorporated into online casino software, cheating at online poker isn't very common. Still, there have been a handful of past instances that have raised concern within the online gambling community.

The Potripper Scandal

The incident that received the most attention is commonly known as the Potripper Scandal. Potripper was the screen name used by an Absolute Poker player. This particular player managed to win every single hand he or she played, resulting in the highest winnings allowed in the game. Regardless of Potripper's initial hand, he or she always came out on top.

How Is this Possible?

It is very unlikely, if not impossible, for a person to win so many times in a row so the instance warranted further investigation. According to experts, the only way Potripper could have had such amazing luck was if he or she knew what cards the other players were holding. In an online poker room, there aren't many ways this sort of cheating could happen.

The Outcome

As the investigation continued, officials discovered that the email address as well the IP address linked to Potripper's account were in some way associated with Absolute Poker, leading authorities to believe that the poker cheating incident was an inside job. This meant that Potripper was either an Absolute Poker employee or was assisted by one, but there wasn't enough evidence to support the claim.

While Absolute Poker and its employees came out clean after the investigation, the possibility of online poker cheating like the Potripper Scandal has caused many online casino players to be more cautious.