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Three Card Poker Tips

Many online casinos offer several different variations on the traditional poker game. From five card stud to jokers wild to Texas Holdem, there's a poker game for everyone. One that is fast growing in popularity at online casinos is a very unique game of three card poker. Using just three cards, the player bets against the dealer and can quickly rack up the wins.

Setting Up

In three card poker, players are presented a screen with three betting circles in a triangle. At the bottom of the triangle are the Play and Ante spaces and at the top is the Pair Plus circle. Players begin by placing a bet in the Pair Plus circle, indicating that they are going for at least a pair. They can also choose to place a bet on the Ante, which gives them the option to fold once they get their cards.


After the initial bets are placed, the dealer gives the player three cards. If the player placed a bet on the Ante circle, they can choose to fold and give up the Ante but keep the Pair Plus bet. If the player wants to continue playing, then he or she has to match the Ante bet with an equal bet on the Play circle. Then the dealer reveals the second hand. If the dealer's three card has a queen or better, the player and the dealer can continue to five cards. If the dealer doesn't have a queen, the player gets his or her bets back.

The game is won or lost after five cards, and the typical poker rules take over at that point. This game is a fun way of shaking up the traditional five card game.