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The Any Craps Bet

Learn how to play casino craps game the right way and start winning big! A one-roll bet that wins if a craps-- or a total score of two, three, or 12--shows on the next roll and loses if any other number shows is called Any Craps. The value of the lowest-denomination chip in play, normally $1.00, is the minimum bet amount. The payoff is 7:1.

How to Play

Usually controlled by the stickman, the Any Craps box is in the table's center. Get the stickman's attention and toss the chips to an open area near the center saying, "Any Craps, please." In the proposition area there may be a box called "Any Craps," or 16 small circles next to the proposition area, each containing the letter "C," or both. The dealer places the bet either in the box or in one of the little "C" circles. There are 16 little Any Craps circles but only one Any Craps box because the box is big enough to hold all the bets of everyone at the table, but the little circles are only big enough to hold one.

Craps Check

As eight players can play on each side of the table, there are eight circles on each side of the table for each player. The dealer places each bet in the little circle that corresponds to each player's table position. When the Any Craps bet is used to hedge the Flat Pass Line bet it is called "Craps Check". For instance, a player making a Flat $10.00 Pass Line bet might toss in a $1.00 chip for a Craps Check to "protect" the Pass Line bet on the come-out roll. If the shooter rolls a craps on the come-out, the player loses his $10.00 Flat Pass Line bet, but wins $7.00 for his Craps Check.

Following the tips above is how to play casino craps the right way.