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Caribbean Stud Strategy

There are several strategies that players can employ when playing Caribbean Stud poker. These include raising on a pair, folding when holding low cards and finding tables without qualification rules.

Raising on a Pair

In Caribbean Stud, players are never allowed to exchange any of their cards; the five cards they receive are the only five cards used to play the hand. As such, obtaining a pair is much more difficult than it is in other poker variations, and players who are lucky enough to have a pair should always raise the stakes. This is especially true if the dealer has a high up-card since the odds of the dealer creating a pair with this are slim.

Fold Low Cards

If a player finds that they have no pairs and no face cards after the deal, the best thing that player can do is fold. Although the player will lose the ante, this is better than continuing forward with the game and calling raises for no reason. This also signifies to the dealer that the player knows exactly what they are doing and that they are not afraid to chalk a lost ante up to a bad deal.

No Qualifications

Some casinos require dealers and players to have qualifying hands before continuing a hand in Caribbean Stud. This often means that the dealer or player must have at least one King or Ace in their hands to continue. Since this can be difficult to achieve, especially when playing with multiple decks in the shoe, players would do well to find tables that have no such qualifications and players simply deal with whatever they have in their hands.

These strategies will help Caribbean Stud players of any skill level become better at the game and enjoy more wins than ever before. The game itself is among the easiest casino games to learn but it is certainly not easy to master.